Grief on the Highest Level

My Sisters Keeper

by: Jodi Picoult

G: Novel, fiction, Domestic fiction

Start: 9.May.18

Finish: 10.May.18

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 27 out of 50

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge: A Book about Death or Grief (So far behind in this reading challenge😅)

When I picked up this book I expected a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve seen the movie and cried like a blubbering idiot. So, I expected no less from the book.

The first thing I noticed while reading was the book was told from multiple perspectives, past and present. The movie we just sort of followed the story through the eyes of Anna Fitzgerald, the one who filed the lawsuit. There were other subtle differences too but nothing to derail my emotional roller coaster.

That is until the end of the novel.

Come to find out that the ending’s are drastically different. This is my second Picoult book and, The Storyteller was my first, I have noticed a theme. Mind you I only read two books so it could be these two books with these links. The theme I have noticed is the endings of her novels. She goes for this “Shock and Awe” effect in the end. It leaves you stunned and unsure how to feel. Nicholas Spark’s does a similar thing by killing off at least one person in his romance novels. It is the thing that you grow accustom to when reading their works.

The ending took me by surprise. I was expecting the same ending as the movie but more detail. I did research and found out that Picoult was no pleased with this new direction and I can see why. The movie ending takes away from the dramatic presence that the book leaves you with. You come to expect the movie ending eventually, the book ending hits you like a ton of bricks.

The end of this novel was ironic, depressing and heartrending.

It is definitely worth the read if you like great literature, and torturing yourself.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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