Death in Many Forms


by: Neal Shusterman

G: Sci-fi, Dystopian, Fantasy

Start: 1.May.18

Finish: 14.May.18

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 28 out of 50

When I started this I wasn’t really a fan. I stuck with it because it was a book club read and, as I have mentioned several times, I hate giving up on books.

It was slow going at first and I was unimpressed, but intrigued. As time went on, and I wrote down my thoughts for discussions for book club, I saw more. Being in a book club has helped me put all my swirling thoughts about books into perspective, because of the discussions we have.

I saw the conspiracy rising up, the forbidden love, the all-knowing diety-like peace keeper who couldn’t intervene, and two teenagers against the world. In an age where natural death has been eliminated and all that remains is “random” gleaning, think crowd control, how could there possibly be murder? and Murderers? or Serial Killers? The reason for the Scythes were to eliminate all the evils of the mortal age, but maybe they got it wrong.

The mystery of the book hooked my naturally inquisitive side and I ended up staying up until 3AM unrevealing said mystery.


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