Adultry isn’t always clear

The Scent of Pine

by: Lara Vapnyar

G: Literary fiction,  contemporary, Coming of age

Start: 10.June.18

Finish: 18.June.18

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 32 out of 50

I bought this book on a whim. I needed to spend a couple more bucks so I’d get free shipping. I didn’t really do my normal research I usually do when I shop for books. I read the limited description and thought it was “good enough,” so I purchased it and added it to my ever-growing TBR list. Sometimes buying things this way works out and other times not so much.

This story was about one woman’s journey through her past to help decipher her present and give her hope for the future. It had an interesting storyline but I kept wanting more action or something. I felt like the main character, Lena, in that way.

Lena kept wanting something she never was going to get, mainly because she didn’t really know what it was that she wanted.

I think my problem with her was that she chasing something that wasn’t attainable, a fairytale. She wanted this whirlwind romance to sweep her off her feet. The problem with that is that passion and heat will eventually fade. Without something substantial mixed in your relationship will fizzle out.

She kept chasing this crazy romantic love and she didn’t really care to seem who got hurt. Instead of speaking up and admitting she wasn’t happy in her marriage she stayed and cheated and I just can’t be on her side because of that.

I felt underwhelmed because it seemed like something that happens all too often. The moral too was something that people learn early on “What you want is rarely what you need.”


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