Heavy is the Head


by: Madeline Miller

G:Mythology, Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Start: 18. June. 2018

Finish 28. June. 2018

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 33 out of 50

I love Greek mythology, although some of the Roman mythology names are better, but I wasn’t too familiar with Circe’s story outside of Odysseus. From some light Googling I found out about her and I felt prepared for this retelling.

As I start reading I felt bad for Circe. No one liked her, let alone loved her. She was a nobody and would be completely forgotten about if she wasn’t a goddess. Even then no one paid much attention to her except to torture her.

When she came into her abilities as a witch people started paying attention to the goddesses and gods that were also witches. Then she stupidly does something bad out of jealousy and tells on herself getting herself in trouble which makes her lonelier.

She gets sentenced to exile but at first she feels free. She feels the chains, that tied her down, shatter. What she fails to comprehend is that she lives forever. So, while it’s freeing now in a thousand years it feels stifling.

Her problem is she wasn’t meant to be a goddess. It isn’t the lifestyle she wanted. She wanted a normal life with love and family. All her traits made her more mortal and that’s all she should be.


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