Top Secret Sneak Peak🤫🤫🤭🤭🤫

So, time for some exciting news!😁🙌🏽🙌🏽

I am working on releasing a sci-fi novella this November (hopefully). It features daring adventure, a kick ass female protagonist (who just so happens to be an orphan from unknown origins🧐🤔), warring families, forbidden love of said families, a post apocalyptic world with only two races left (and there’s still hate (of course 🙄😒)), and no one lives on land anymore. Why? because all our fighting made land inhabitable, but it also created something else…Will our heroine save everyone when she feels she doesn’t fit in anywhere and that both sides reject her?

Here is a sneak peak🤫 of what I am working on. I gave everyone of my characters invented names so I am also writing a pronunciation guide for my novella, I included a brief one below👇🏽👇🏽 to help you with the character’s  and made up places names in this sneak peak🤭. Enjoy my little sneak peak🤪

Pronunciation Guide:

Doralia: Door-Uh-Lee-Uh

Magnimamus: Magnum-Mam-Us

Greyteir: Grey-Tear

Xandzavier Gremlum Lokus: Xan-Zave-E-R Grim-Lum Lo-Cus

Majick: Ma-Shick

Atarica: Uh-Tar-Rick-Kuh

Outside under the balcony Doralia hung on to the lattice work encased with snapping ivy right under Grey’s window. She listened for the footsteps to recede before she dare climb down. She shimmied down the lattice as the ivy ripped at her clothes. She minded the flowers and tried to hop over them, thus landing with a hard thud on her back. She closed her eyes in pain.

“You know we have a door lady Doralia,” a warm honeyed voice said from above her.

Doralia looked up from the ground to see king Magnimamus smiling while holding out a slate grey hand to her. Doralia smiled as she grabbed a hold of the king’s hand while racking her brain for any explanation as to why she just jumped out of his son’s bedroom window.


She pushed her hair out of her face that had come loose when she tumbled down. Her hair was always more trouble than it was worth for her, but it stood as her identity. She wouldn’t trade it even though it would make her life easier if it wasn’t the wrong color. If she wasn’t the wrong color.

She sighed. “I wasn’t doing anything that would be…unseemly with crown prince Greyteir. The idea that we would is completely…”

“Laughable,” Magnimamus cut her off with a bemused smile plastered on his face.

A look passed over Doralia’s face but she fixed it quickly and remained impassive. The king shook his head.

“Rest assured my dear it is not because of you. You are the daughter that I have never had but always wanted. […] Sweetheart you must know that your color makes you unique. Being different isn’t always a bad thing. It makes you a leader in change.”

Doralia dropped her head and her hair came undone curtaining her face. “What if I don’t want to be a leader?” She said in a small voice.

“We don’t chose to be leaders but we wear that title like a badge of honor. Proudly and justly.”

“What did you mean before that it was laughable about me and Grey?”

“I know about Greyteir,” he said.

Doralia shifted with shock on her face. Magnimamus shifted her forward and continued braiding.

“Don’t wiggle Doralia, I’m almost finished,” he paused a beat. “I’m his father why wouldn’t I know.”

Doralia cleared her throat. She didn’t want to give away Grey’s secret and she wasn’t sure how much the King knew. Magnimamus finished the braid and used a pin from his robe to secure it.

“A regal braid fit for a beautiful princess.”

She started to interject but it was his turn to silence her with the wave of his hand.

“You will always be my little girl, thus being Azula’s little princess,” he cupped her face. “And maybe one day you may let me marry you off to some man, of your choosing, who is worthy of you. Just like I plan to marry Greyteir off to crown prince Xandzavier Gremlum Lokus of house Majick of Atarica.”

Doralia’s mouth dropped open and Magnimamus closed it for her.

“Princesses don’t drool dear.”

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