Tell me your Secrets

Scrappy Little Nobody

by: Anna Kendrick

G: Memoir

Start: 25.June.2018

Finish: 30.June.2018

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 34 out of 50

When I went into this book I was expecting loads of laughs and I wasn’t disappointed. Kendrick is hilarious and her stories are told in a way that makes them easy to visualize. You get the sense that you two are old friends and she’s just regaling you with tales of her crazy night. I love her voice in this because it’s told as if she’s talking to a friend and not millions of strangers with prying eyes.

The most important thing in writing a memoir is, in my opinion, to play to your audience. Sure your stories should be true, fact checking is key, but they must also be entertaining, otherwise why am I reading it?

She doesn’t offer pithy advice because she doesn’t think she’s the rule to making it, or an example of greatness. She just shows her journey and what she went through.

I believe that Kendrick does a great job at entertaining her readers and keeping it real. She shows her vulnerabilities and isn’t afraid to be human.


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