Black is Beautiful

The Bluest Eye

by: Toni Morrison

G:Fiction, Classics, Literary Fiction, Literature, Historical Fiction, African American

Start: 29.June.2018

Finish: 6.July.2018

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 35 out of 50

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge: A Book with your Favorite Color in the Title

Morrison’s work isn’t for everybody. It’s complex and riddled with double meanings. When reading I had to frequently stop and ponder what it was she was really saying. She would write something and it would be so jammed packed with meaning it would take some time to decipher it all.
The story of little black girls coveting blue eyes because they were taught by the world to hate the skin they’re in. Also, there was racism and colorism. It tells a story about how being beaten down by the world can truly change you. All Pecola wanted was blue eyes because if she had them then someone would love her. Without them she was just a black girl who the world deemed ugly.

She wanted to be like Shirley Temple or any other little white girl she saw because everyone loved them. Their mama’s and papa’s loved them. They never had to worry and never had a troubling day. Pecola wanted to experience this. She was a little girl starved for love in a world where love was sparse for people who looked like her.


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