Slave Trade

Middle Passage

by: Charles Johnson

G: Historical Fiction, African American

Start: 30.June.2018

Finish: 11.July.2018

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 36 out of 50

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge: A Novel Based on a Real Person (Bent this one a bit, not based on one person but people)

Reading slave narratives or just reading about that time in general is always very hard for me, and I read this (or attempted to) before for school. So, going in  I was prepared to be bored, but then I realized it wasn’t the material just how it was taught.

This book gave me a different perspective on slave narratives. Instead of being told by a slave it was told by a free man. He was a slave originally but when his master freed him when he died. That was the first difference. The second difference being that he was a shipmate on a slaver.

To be a free man helping enslave others takes an extremely low sort of human, but he didn’t willingly become this man. Rutherford Calhoun was indeed a no good rascal but he never dreamed the boat he stowed away on was a slaver or that he’d be caught up in an adventure of a lifetime.


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