The Girl who Defies All Odds

The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Millennium #3)

by: Stieg Larsson

G: Nordic Noir



Goodreads Reading Challenge: 39 out of 50

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge: Nordic Noir

I always loved the Millennium series. I never thought I’d be into Nordic Nordic but three books later here I am. Larsson always crafts a fascinatingly satirical tale of mystery and crime. There’s always layered meaning in his novels that take a while to unpack.

Lisbeth is an interesting main character because she isn’t “normal.” In my humble opinion she has aspergers or at least she’s on the spectrum. Having a main character who functions on a different capacity than most heroine/heroes is definitely an interesting choice and makes the read all the more intriguing.

In this installment we pick up right where we left off with Lisbeth hanging on for dear life. This novel has Mikael and Lisbeth working hard to expose all the lies and coverups that put her in the asylum when she was a child. The truth may be finally revealed if Mikael can outsmart the criminals once and for all without dying in the process.


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