Sisterly Love, War, and Brides

Secrets of a Charmed Life

by: Susan Meissner

G: Historical



Goodreads Reading Challenge: 40 out of 50

I started this book because I had a free trial for audible and this was a free e-book. I never listened to an audiobook but I was willing to give it a try, and I’m glad I did; with this book anyway.

Reading or listening about the Holocaust is always sad but this was an interesting take on those events.

The story is about two sisters living in London with their mother during the war. The eldest sister had dreams of becoming a fashion designer and she would draw brides, because she was convinced they were the prettiest. The youngest sister just wanted to be with her family and wanted everyone to be happy.

When the government decided to evacuate all the children the oldest sister protested because she was on a path to follow her dreams. She had just gotten a job at a bridal shop and the shop keeper was interested in her designs. She thought that this would be her big break. Evacuating would set her back, and she didn’t believe the war would actually come to London.

When they were evacuated the older sister does something selfish and reckless so she can follow her passion. This one act sets off a chain reaction that complicates their family life for many years.

It is a complicated and messy story but so is life, and this story encompasses what that truly means.


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