Who Loves Being in Love?

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before vol.1)

by: Jenny Han




Goodreads Reading Challenge: 41 out of 50

This was hands down the cutest book I’ve read all year. Lara Jean is adorable and boy crazy. She is exactly how I was; constantly in love with some unattainable boy. Did I say was…I think I meant am 😂

There is an appeal in the unattainableness of the Peter Kavinksy’s of the world. Lara Jean is like all of us. She sees the world for all it can be through her letters, but in the real world she hides who she is.

This wasn’t just a cutesy live story, it was a story about taking chances. Change and chances scare us shitless but if we don’t try we become frozen in place.

Lara Jean started out stunted out of fear of losing herself and being heartbroken. She believes that you can’t lose what you never had, but that statement is false. If you never try you lose out on life, on moving forward, and on yourself.


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