All Good Things

The Beauty of Darkness (The Remnant Chronicles 3)

by: Mary E. Pearson

G: Fantasy



Goodreads Reading Challenge: 42 out of 50

I was hesitant to read this book because it was the last book of a trilogy that I really loved and reading it meant the series was over forever. But I couldn’t put it off for long because curiosity got the better of me. This book did not disappoint.

When I started this series Lia was headstrong and liked to run into situations head first. In this book she was still headstrong but she also became more levelheaded as well. She no longer thought of herself being trapped in a loveless marriage, or being a figurehead, or a bargaining chip. She no longer had time for these thoughts.

Now she thought of what was best for all three kingdoms and all the lesser kingdoms. She fought for equality and peace. She pushed on even when all the odds were stacked against her, when she almost lost her family and friends, and even when her heart was shattered.

She became a better person through personal growth and not due to any love interest she acquired along the way. She was strong and persevered because the world needed her and she heeded the call.


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