Zombies Everywhere

Days Gone Bye (The Walking Dead Vol. 1)

by: Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore [Illustrator]

G: Graphic Novels, Horror, Zombies

Start: 22.September.2018

Finish: 23.September.2018

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 46 out of 50

So, I didn’t hop on the zombie train when The Walking Dead first premiered on television. I still haven’t seen it, besides pacing glances while my uncle watches it, and I probably won’t.

I recently wanted to get into reading more graphic novels and I came across this in the book store. The art caught my eye and after a quick look I bought it and haven’t regretted my decision.

The story is so much more than zombies. I think the reason the show didn’t interest me much is because they would have these deep issues they needed to deal with and then a zombie attack would distract them from it. The graphic novel had less attacks but they were more meaningful. Each attack struck a chord within the group and impacted them in a huge way.

Reading about it showed a deeper dive into humanity. I liked how it showed what humanity was really like in the events of a post apocalyptic universe. Some people are the same and some change drastically. The graphic novel shows a hard look into humanity without all the gadgets and petty rivalries. It shows us that we do what we need to do to survive.

The show has to be more action packed to hold interest, but the graphic novel has more drama and it holds my attention. It is complex and complicated like all humanity is.


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