Intergalactic Love

Saga (Volume One)

by: Brian K. Vaughn Fiona Staples [Illustrator]

G: Graphic Novels, Sci-fi/Fantasy

Start: 22.September.2018

Finish: 25.September.2018

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 47 out of 50

I grabbed this graphic novel because of the cover art. That’s how books usually get me, interesting covers. I’m like a kid with shiny objects 😂. Anyway it looked really interesting and it intrigued me.

The story is one we’ve seen before, girl and guy  fall in love even though their families hate each other. Ring any bells🔔🛎.

In this case it’s the girl’s, Alana, planet and the guy’s, Marko, moon that are at war. Funny thing is Marko’s moon orbits Alana’s planet, someone was very smart when they started this war 🧐🤦🏽‍♀️.

When the governments realized that war wage on their perspective homes made no sense they took their fight to another planet to duke it out.

They basically literally wiped out a whole planet to continue their war on a third-party plain. Which sounds about right for pretty much any government.

Love blossoms when Alana goes to yell at an obnoxious POW, who just so happens to be Marko. It wasn’t love at first sight, but overtime they fall hard for each other.

Alana just finished reading this political novel that basically calls for an end to the war but the author cleverly disguised it as a romance novel. She identified with it so much that it inspired her to share it.

She shared it with the only other person who would listen, Marko. Never mind the fact that he was a prisoner and really didn’t have a choice in the beginning. Nevertheless he also identified with the story and from there their love grew unbeknownst to them.

Of course now the whole galaxy hates them and are after them. But what love story doesn’t have a few bumps in the road 🤷🏽‍♀️.


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