Hello 2019

Welcome to another year of reading, reviews, and more writing here on Instant Inspiration.

I’m excited for the possibility of a new year with countless releases of books, and finally slaying my monster of a TBR.

I am also excited because I started off the new year with a book in hand and an attainable reading goal.

Speaking of reading goals, I unfortunately did not meet my Goodreads goal last year. I was four books short, which sucks, but this year I am going to do what I did last year. Start small and work my way up.

My starting goal is 25 books, because I am also starting a new job this year that requires a lot of studying in the beginning for licences and whatnot. As usual though I will up my goal when I reach it, I already read five books so far putting me 20% already.

Since I did not complete my Goodreads goal, I didn’t really have the opportunity to complete my POPSUGAR challenge either. I’m not sure if I will attempt the POPSUGAR challenge this year, not because it’s too much but because I’m not really feeling the prompts.

Also, I am trying to slay my own physical TBR list with the help of my book club so I’m thinking adding more to my plate would be disastrous and slump worthy. I am trying to avoid all reading slumps 2019. So far so good.

I know I keep promising my original work to be released but not delivering. I’m human and I get wrapped up in work or bingeing a book/show so please be patient with me. The first installment of my novella, Uprising:The Ascent, will be released sometime this year. I just have to figure out on which platform I want to independently publish on first and obviously finish it.

In 2019 I am going to continue my search for an agent to help me get my novel published as well. I am thinking of keeping a journal of that process to share here with you guys.

Thanks for staying with me all this time and reading my reviews and my poems, and just being genuinely awesome.

To another great year 🥂

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