Miles Behind Us (The Walking Dead vol.2)

by:Robert Kirkman , [Illustrators] Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn

G: Horror/ Zombies



Goodreads Reading Challenge: 50 out of 75 (Upped because I surpassed 50)

The second installment has Carl growing more ever since he killed his dad’s best friend. With the deaths of certain members of the group effecting everyone in different capacities.

When they encounter more people on the road Rick wants to stop and help them. He takes charge because they all looked to him as their leader so he decided he could make executive decisions. Some things should have been brought to a vote but I digress… Rick immediately, against the wishes of 2/3’s of the group invite these strangers to travel with them. The strangers consisted of a father, his daughter and his daughter’s boyfriend. The boyfriend is important, don’t forget him! We’ll talk more about him in vol. 3.

This apocalypse has jaded Lori, or so it seems. We really don’t get to know what these people were like beforehand, just the account of other charcters. From what Rick has mentioned Lori has changed immensly, especially now that she’s preganant with what may not be Rick’s baby. I mean he was in a coma guys…you do the math.

It’s odd that Rick still kept his optimisim. I mean he’s not optimisitic to the point where he has his head in the clouds, but he still believes that the world will turn out okay. I don’t know where he gets this idea from but clearly it’s important to him in order to survive. He may be optimistic but he isn’t stupid. When the others believed the government was coming for them he told them the truth even thought they didn’t want to hear it.

Later on the group meets a man who has naive hopes of turning zombies back into regular humans, and he was stockplining them for that reason. Rick told him how dumb and dangerous that was and of course the man hated him for that. At the time Rick and the group where staying with him so he could have been a little more sensitive. He told Rick to leave and never come back after a tragic accident shakes up the group once more.

So, they leave and travel to find some new place to live. The group is understandably mad at Rick for not breaking it to the man in gentler terms. They are also running out of food so they accounts for their anger. Just when all hope looked lost they found the perfect place to stop at.

All in all Rick would be a great leader but he acts before he has time to think things through. What he doesn’t realize is that he may be the leader but every leader has people. People to council him in decision making so he’s not acting a fool. People to lean on when decisons go awry. Rick is slowly turning into a dictator because he thinks he has to make every decision alone and quickly. His rashness has already cost the group more than once, if he keeps it up more lives and shelters will be lost.



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