A Lovable Curmudgeon

A Man Called Ove

by: Fredrik Backman

G: Contemporary, Humor



Goodreads Reading Challenge: 54 out of 75

When going into this book I thought “it’s going to be a story about a grumpy old man set in his ways.” In a way I was right but I was also very wrong.

Ove of course was a crotchety old man, but as the story progress we understand his motivation. Ove reminded me so much of my own grandfather. Both of them are prickly men with quirks that they will never let go of.

The story made my heart hurt with each chapter because it was so relatable and read more like a true story than a work of fiction.

Ove had his routines because they were the only things that have never failed him and never left him. He didn’t want to live in the world alone, but he couldn’t leave it a wreck before he left it.

His cry for help was so subtle that everyone missed it, including himself, until the new neighbors arrived and changed everything. He wasn’t aware he wanted help, in fact he was adamant that he wanted to be left alone.

He constantly raved about how he just wanted peace and quiet and he got the exact opposite; he got loud, messy, and complicated. He got a life, even though he was determined not to have one.

He was able to get a second chance when he felt he didn’t even deserve the first one.


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