Live for Yourself

Britt-Marie was Here

by: Fredrik Backman

G:Contemporary, Humor



Goodreads Reading Challenge: 55 out of 75

I thought I was going to live this the same way I loved A Man Called Ove, and I did love it just not the same way.

Britt-Marie also loved routines and she bent over backwards to make sure the people in her life were happy. It always seems like the people who give the most are also taken advantage of the most.

Her parents liked her sister more, her husband didn’t appreciate her, her step children were ungrateful and petulant. Yet, she gave her all and never complained. She would’ve given her all until her dying breath if shit didn’t hit the fan.

When that day came Britt-Marie didn’t know who to be anymore. She endured the pain of be insignificant and inconsequential to so many people in her life that she didn’t know how to make her life matter.

When she meets an unlikely ally in the unemployment office her life takes a strange turn. She took the opportunity to run away from her problems and start over.

When she stumbled into the little Podunk town that was depressing and basically empty she felt safe. No one would care, and she could hide herself there.

Unfortunately for her plan, but fortunately for her life, the town had other plans. The citizens of the town had problems of their own but their eccentricities drew Britt-Marie out of her shell. They made her a part of something bigger than she originally was.

As she helped the town, the town helped her. She helped revitalize it while they showed her real love. The love these strangers gave her made her come into her own. She became confidant and strong. Two things she never possessed and two words she would have never used to describe herself.

Britt-Marie was here is a beautiful story that tells you that it is never too late to find yourself. It is never too late to figure out your truth, and it is never too late to just be.


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