One is the loneliest number

The Martian

by: Andy Weir

G: Sci-fi/Space/Thrillers/Adventure/Humor



Goodreads Reading Challenge(2019): 53 out of 75

Reading Shelves: Yearly TBR Challenge/ Personal TBR


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Now on to the book 📖

*This review contains spoilers for both the book 📖 and the movie 🎥. If you have not read or watched The Martian 👽 I advise you to steer clear of this review*


So, first things first, if I was to stranded of freaking Mars I wouldn’t be as so fuckin nonchalant as Mark Watney. I get that he couldn’t freak out too much because it would hinder his survival. But…survival wasn’t even something that was a given.

If Venkat/Vincent (Book version/movie version) didn’t push so hard to see the damage the storm caused Mark would’ve been truly left for dead.

Then every step of the way NASA was doing shit that could’ve killed him more. I’ll elaborate more on that but I have to circle back to the storm.

Did y’all know that Mars gets tornadoes 🌪. Random but the movie showed a storm on the horizon and their were funnels and I had to pause to fact check that. Then I got lost down a spiral of what kind of storms Mars gets and forgot momentarily I was watching a movie.

Before I take you any further on this stream of consciousness let’s start from the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start (Sound of Music reference).

The storm that started it all really came out of nowhere. One minute they were doing data collection and the next they have debris flying all over the place. When they lost Watney it was a lot more terrifying than in the book. The graphics were so excellent, that when he got impaled you really feared for his life.

There was a couple of things he did in the book, planting potatoes on every inch of the floor, that didn’t happen in the movie. For one the Hab and the rover were much bigger. So the need to plant the potatoes everywhere was not needed.

Here are some other things they did away with:

•Mark salvaging the second rover

•Not losing contact with NASA

•The second storm

•The rover flipping over at the entrance to the crater

•The argument between Teddy and Mitch

Out of all of these the ones I was the most disappointed in were the argument and the lost of contact.

I get the not wanting to add more trouble for Watney but him going through that is what is return more miraculous. Also, the argument between Mitch and Teddy was just funny. In the movie Teddy was every bit of the businessman as he was in the book and Mitch thumbed his nose at that. Mitch sticking up for his choices made me more sympathetic to him as a character because he wasn’t trying to be right but save Watney. Teddy just wanted everything to be PC and as risk friendly as possible, like did he forget if Venkat didn’t push Mark would’ve died anyway?

There were things I did like that didn’t happen in the book.

°Beck didn’t rescue Mark but Lewis did

°Mark “Iron Manned” him self out of the MAV

°They showed what happened on Earth years later

I liked that Lewis went out to Beck. Even though I think there was a specific reason he was the one who was supposed to catch Mark🧐. She felt that she had to make up for leaving him behind.

The Iron man thing seemed very unrealistic but it was a Watney move and was kinda funny.

Their lives after coming home were interesting. Mitch went on to teach golf 🏌️, I guess Teddy made good on his threat of firing. Martinez’s crazy self went back to Mars on Ares V🥴, I think he was an adrenaline junkie. Beck and Johansson had a baby 👶, Lewis went back to her disco loving hubby, and Vogel went home to his a million children (there was so many of them 😱), and Watney went on how to teach astronauts how not to die in space at NASA.

All in all I have to say I’m satisfied with the way the movie turned out. I know some movies are sucky adaptations but, despite my minor disappointments, this one didn’t let me down. I also, unintentionally, learned about Martian 👽 weather so that was a bonus 😂.



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