A little Monstrous

The problem with creative types is we live a good portion of our lives in our heads. Why? Cause we’re constantly creating something. Even if it’s on the back burner we always have some idea of what our next move is. This is how Eliza lived her life, in her head. She couldn’t interact with others because anything that distracted her from her need to create wasn’t made for her. She needed the time and space to live, breath, and be her art. It worried her family and friends but she didn’t notice how all consuming it was because she had to do it. There was no choice. It was fighting to get out.

When things go off the rails she doesn’t know how to cope. She spent most of her life not interacting IRL with people that when she’s forced to she literally knocks herself out. Things for Eliza were better when she was invisible to all and her work spoke for itself. Now that she is out in the real world she has to figure out how to be. Life is messy and hard but it doesn’t always have to be miserable. Eliza learned how to find the beauty in the ordinary, even if it wasn’t a part of her plan.

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