Marriage ain’t easy, Especially when the universe is literally against you


Quick recap: Saga is told from the POV of the illegal daughter of two people from different races who fell in love while their worlds were trying to demolish each other. Everyone wants the girl because she’s an “abomination.”

Now volumes 4&5 pick up where they left off with Alana and Marko hiding in plain sight. I mean their disguises aren’t that good, but no one notices them 🤔. Marko isn’t working and Alana hates her job so of course they communicate about their problems. Just kidding, no one communicates effectively in fictional worlds or real ones because that would just be too easy.

They fight, make up, and fight some more. Marko makes a shady homewreckery friend, who would be wrecking two homes by making a move but she doesn’t care (they never do). Alana gets almost hooked on drugs and they have a big blowup which results in Marko running to ole girl and Alana staying home with his mom and their daughter.

Meanwhile Prince Robot IV is on that prostitution planet with a crack in his screen. He can’t really remember why and of course Mama Sun being a greedy bitch doesn’t fill him in on the ongoings of his home planet. IV finds out his wife had a boy and was murdered by an angry subject who happened to be the janitor of the palace. Say it with me folks: BACK 👏🏽GROUND 👏🏽CHECKS 👏🏽

Anywho, the janitor hated the royals and blamed them for his sons very preventable death so he went on a killing spree and kidnapped the princeling to give to the rebels. 🤔 It made sense to him for some reason.

Then he finds Alana, because of course, and kidnaps Alana, Marko’s mom, and the baby and goes on his mission to find the rebels. The rebels of course wanna sell the baby to whichever side will pay more for her so they kill her before their citizens find out they don’t need to be at war 😱. Also, they want to kill the princeling. IV finds out about all this kills some people teams up with Marko and finds Alana. Janitor robot stops two of the four rebels and somehow he and Alana end up off the rebel’s ship without her daughter and Marko’s mom just as Marko and IV show up. And of course the two remaining rebels fly away and jump into hyperspace.

All this is to say if they just talked, and maybe not let strangers into their homes and lives, this could’ve been prevented. But what do I know 🤷🏽‍♀️.


A Blade so Black L.L. McKinney (Book Club Read)

Us Against You Fredick Backman (Book number 2)

Locke&Key: Welcome to Love Craft Joe Hill (Vol. 1)

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