Pumpkin Spice for All

This was a cute story about two people living up their last day at a job before going off to college. It’s a story about missed opportunities and adventures. Two kids who normally wouldn’t be friends become best friends every fall when they work at the pumpkin patch. They are two very different people. Deja is the girl that everyone likes to be around and she has a very outspoke, friend of the world vibe. Whereas Josiah sticks to what he knows and never ventures outside his comfort zone.

On the last day Deja challenges Josiah to finally make a move on the girl he has been seasonally crushing on for four autumns. Of course chaos ensues and makes his every attempt go awry. When he makes it to the end of the night he finally ends up with the girl of his dreams, but reality is never the same as fantasy.


The Bold World Jodie Patterson (July Book Club Read)

Us Against You Fredick Backman (Book number 2)

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