I’m not dead yet

Yona of the Dawn volumes 16-24 covers

I love this series because you can actually see Yona grow into a mature young woman. She Started off sort of naive and lonely and now she knows so much more about the world and her kingdom, and she has a family she created. She grew out of purely wanting vengeance to wanting Kokha to be a better place for everyone. So much of that is evident with how she puts her life on the line to help all the tribes. Even the people who are from different nations she stands up to help them regardless of what it costs her.

I’ve had so many theories from the beginning to here on why Su-Won murdered his uncle. Of course the prevalent one is power, but power to do what? He isn’t ruling like a drunk on power type of person and he seems kind and compassionate much to Hak’s and Yona’s detriment. They hate him for what he did but no one can see Su-Won the way they did because no one was betrayed the way they were.

I get that King Il wasn’t the best ruler but as the series goes on I wonder if he was actually better at his job than he let on. This new theory came to me when we were reintroduced to Min-su, the attendant who helped Yona and Hak escape certain death at Su-Won’s hand. He said that King Il was praying in the dragon warrior temple before he died and it made me think about the myth of the dragon warriors. The blue, green, and white dragon were reborn over the course of centuries waiting for the crimson dragon king to make a reappearance and he never did. The cycle of birth and death kept coming to the three dragons while Zeno wondered about his own existence.

When Yona was born Zeno said himself that he knew that Yona was the one they were waiting for and that this batch of dragons would finally come together to help her. My train of thought here is what if King Il, and all the kings before him, had a sworn duty to protect the land while awaiting the return of the crimson dragon king? King Il could’ve known that it was going to be Yona, since no one else has her hair, and he probably chose peace over war so he could keep her safe. He wanted to make sure that he wasn’t at war so she could grow up and be the crimson dragon queen without threats to her life.

But before she was old enough Su-Won murdered her father.

These volumes sort of support my theory without actually saying I’m right. Maybe I’m not right but I think it’s a pretty solid idea without just buying into the story that King Il was weak.

16-24 sees Yona save the water tribe, Hak go home, Yona and Hak finally share a kiss, and Yona have a face to face with Su-Won. They have crossed paths before but never in a official capacity where he has to acknowledge his wrong doing. 24 leaves us at Yona telling the advisor to take her to the king so she can prevent war and thee advisor denying her to be the princess. All of the people who know what Su-Won did never openly say it but she laid it out for the advisor in front of the royal guard that her father’s death was avunculicide, a.k.a killing one’s uncle, and that she is no longer hiding.


The Magicians Lev Grossman (1 of 3)

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