Ahh, Real Nightmares

Nightmare verse 1-3

Set in modern day Atlanta, life for Alice was pretty much normal. She would hang out with her friends, go to school and even enjoy her parents company. All of that changed the day her father died and she came face to face with a living breathing nightmare. Nightmares are the manifestation of all the evil and hurt in our world which gets poured into Wonderland to create these monsters, which were well contained. Life got twisted around when death came knocking at various doors. Death changed the makeup of wonderland and the earthly plane in one fowl swoop. And not for the better.

Alice must fight to stop the nightmares from killing unsuspecting people all while still attending school and lying to her momma. I’m not sure how she kept up the lying part. Things, of course, get gradually worse when a mysterious figure from wonderland shows up to have some fun (his idea of fun consists of death). Alice must rush to save everyone she loves while she’s still grounded. Will she be able to do it?


The Magicians Lev Grossman (1 of 3)

Ruin and Rising Leigh Bardugo (3 of 3)

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