My Black is Beautiful

I was nervous to read this at first because the Black community, my community, doesn’t always react the way you hope they will when it comes to Trans men and women. It gets purposely overlooked by some labeling it “white people problems.” I worried how the people would perceive this Black boy named Penelope in the book. Penelope just wanted to be Penelope and did not care if other people didn’t get it. He told his family what he needed from them and they made it happen. Penelope had bumps in the road along the way but he goes out into the world purely himself.

His parents accept him, his family accepts him, and his friends and classmates accept him. This is what I wish for all Trans boys and girls. I hope that they are cocooned in love and don’t have to worry about being hurt for being themselves. Penelope’s strength to be himself is truly awe inspiring. Sure he may have been scared but he always spoke his truth and he made sure he was heard. Sure he shook things up but life is never what we think it’s going to be. Sometimes it’s better.



A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising RAYMOND A. VILLAREAL

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