The History of Vampires

“A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising” by Raymond Villareal

This book was different from most vampire books I’ve read. Vampirism in this book was introduced as a virus. There were doctors, journalists, and law enforcement trying to find a way to cure/control it. Meanwhile the vampires were fighting to garner rights. They were claiming that being a vampire is a sort of disability and trying to use that to get special treatment. They were essentially trying to take over the world by infiltrating different high offices in the most innocuous way.

The vampires were trying to procreate more than they were trying to assimilate. They claimed they wanted nothing but peace but their actions confirmed otherwise. In the end their rise to power was temporarily thwarted but not decimated. They were still out there planning something but there was no telling what it was. They left just as mysteriously as they showed up, but they’ll be back. And next time they won’t go quietly.

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