Feminine Energy

“Red Clocks” by Leni Zumas

This book focuses on four women who are connected in different ways. The Mender is a holistic healer who takes care of everyone but herself. The Teacher preaches about women’s rights but she actually learns more in the end. The Wife fights for more purpose in life than being a wife and mother. And finally the Daughter just wants to be the perfect daughter to the mother who gave her up while finding her place in the world.

This book is set in a not so distant world where more old white men are deciding what a woman can and cannot do with her body. Abortion is illegal, IVF is illegal, adopting a baby as a single parent is illegal. The children, much to the Teacher’s dismay, just learn to accept it. The Mender secretly treats people in these predicaments, and the Wife tries to warn people off of motherhood. Being a woman in this fictional world was harder because our choices were taken away and instead of outrage at every turn the women just seemed tired of fighting. Of always being the one to put out the fires. It’s scary to think that this could really happen and it’s scarier to think we may get to a place where we are so tired of screaming to be heard that we just beg for a way out instead of busting out ourselves.

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