Unrelunctant Hero

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

What I like about Mare is that she’s real. She doesn’t always do the right thing or the nice thing. She doesn’t apologize for who she is, and she leads her people even though she doesn’t consider herself a leader. She’s messy and complicated but so is life. She makes the best of an impossible situation that she didn’t ask to be put in.

When I read book one, and even when I started this one, Mare annoyed me. But after thinking about her more I realized I was expecting her to be less real, less complicated, and more of a hero instead of a scared shitless 17 year old. When I stopped trying to fit her in the typical hero journey/quest role I liked her more. She didn’t ask to be the face of the revolution, she was exploited by both sides but she made it work. She is trying to grow up and free the newbloods at the same time. This isn’t normal for any 17 year old and she has no training. Everyone is looking to her to make a move and she has no idea what to do half the time. And I relate to that part.

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