You’re never too old for happiness

Maddie’s mom (Vivian) alway put Maddie before herself like any good parent. But once Maddie grew up she continued to put others before herself. It made her a great social worker but lonely in her personal life. Work and family was all she ever knew and when she did date it was more like dating an idea than actually dating. She was never looking for what makes her happy until Malcolm Hudson.

Malcolm was also a person who put work first. Yes, he had an importatnt jobm but at the end of the day it was still work. He had no passion in his life and he was okay with that until Vivian. Together they realized they could love again. That you can be passionate and in love in your fifities. They both thought they were to old for such things but toghether they taught each other there was more to life then contentment. They help each other live again.

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