Do opposites attract?

Party of Two (The Wedding Date #5)

Olivia and Max couldn’t be more different. She plans 12 steps ahead and has contingency plans for her backup plans. Max is a fly by the seat of his pants type of guy. He’s spontaneous and lots of fun but he rarely looks before he leaps. He is impulsive and single minded, which leads to him always painting himself (and others) into a corner. Yes, in many a rom-com and romance novel opposites attract but in real life it’s a little harder than that. When you have a super type A personality it isn’t always easy to have them match flawlessly—and long lasting— with a type B personality. After a while personalities clash and if you are properly equipped to make compromises and talk through your differences your relationship will not last. That is where Max and Olivia were at.

At first they worked because neither of them were taking it too serious, but the more serious they became the more character flaws were brought to light. The balance tips into Max’s favor and he doesn’t consciously realize it and Olivia is struggling to be the perfect girlfriend. She is beating herself up because she can’t be more like Max but also beating herself up because she is losing herself in a man. She wants to be strong and independent but also wants to lean on Max for support. Max obliviously thinks things are fine until Olivia blows up—that’s me 100%. It’s not that she’s non-confrontational but she tends to let things roll off her back because she’s trying to choose her battles, which is smart, but at some point she just stops choosing and letting everything pile up like a pressure cooker. When she finally explodes Max is shocked and hurt, but he isn’t looking at it from her perspective. Once he realizes he’s only seeing the relationship through his eyes he knows what he has to do.


What are you even reading?!

  • Waiting to Exhale* (Waiting to Exhale #1) —Terry McMillan
  • Fallen Heir (The Royals #4) —Erin Watts
  • Anna K —Jenny Lee

*This is a bookclub book which is why it is taking me forever to finish, but the others in my group haven’t read in months so I’m going to finish the book and just read from my notes to participate in group discussions.

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