Luck is random

Dear Edward—Ann Napolitano

Everyone says you survive horrendous things for a reason. That you are blessed and you have a path/mission/journey to accomplish. That never sat well with me. In the book someone tells Edward “you were just lucky,” and it wasn’t in a mean or spiteful way. She knew by saying that she was releasing him from the overwhelming survivor’s guilt he had for years after the plane crash. He was drowning until she threw him that life preserver. That moment he was able to actually see life in front of him. Not trying to hide from the past but wanting to live in the present and plan for the future. Words are so powerful and having the right ones spoken to you has just as powerful affect as having the right/wrong ones at the wrong time. Life is all about timing, but you can’t plan for all the things that occur. All you can do is live it with the most happiness you can muster.

I’ve read stories with flashbacks and flash forwards but I can’t recall reading two timelines at the same time. This book is split into Eddie before and during the crash and Edward after the crash. It took some getting used to at first since it went back and forth so frequently but it was interesting to read it that way.  After I got used to the flipping back and forth I realized why it made more sense being written that way vs. having all the past first and then the present. It just worked better.


What are you even reading?!

  • Waiting to Exhale* (Waiting to Exhale #1) —Terry McMillan
  • Fallen Heir (The Royals #4) —Erin Watts
  • Anna K —Jenny Lee

*This is a bookclub book which is why it is taking me forever to finish, but the others in my group haven’t read in months so I’m going to finish the book and just read from my notes to participate in group discussions.

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