This is 30

Waiting to Exhale (#1) -Terry McMillan

Four women navigating 30. Back then, and even now, people expect you to have your shit together at 30. Then when you reach it you realize that life has no fucking instruction manual and everyone is in different stages of fucking winging it. Bernie was married to her her college sweetheart, two kids (boy and girl), and a nice house and car but she was miserable. The love evaporated long ago. She was angry about John’s announcement of their impending divorce because of how he went about the whole thing. By all account she should be blissfully happy but life isn’t that simple. Savannah had a good job, her own place, and a family that loved and depended on her but that wasn’t enough. She was missing something and felt like life was passing her by.

Robin was more naïve and idealistic when it came to love. She thought that prince charming was real and that was her biggest mistake. She thought the stars held her love story instead of taking charge of it herself. She kept making the same mistake over and over again thinking that the outcome would change. Love doesn’t happen to you it’s something you work for and have to continue to work for to keep it. Robin saw that relationships take work and that sometimes when it’s too easy maybe it is too good to be true. Also, she was a big red flag denier. Gloria thought she shouldn’t want more and deep down that she didn’t deserve it. She had her own house, was her own boss to a thriving business, and had a great kid. So what if she was lonely? She should just be content with what she has, right? She gave up on her romantic life because of her low self-worth and body image issues. All of this is to say that there is no age where we all have it magically figured out. This story about four women trying to navigate life and love. We take this journey with them as they muddle through it all.

What are you even reading?!

  • Anna K -Jenny Lee
  • Getting to Happy (#2) -Terry McMillan
  • Confessions of an ugly stepsister -Gregory McGuire
  • Cracked Kingdom (#5) -Erin Watts

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