Middle Child Syndrome

Fallen Heir (#4) –Erin Watt

Easton calls himself the fun one, the free one but he is just as burdened as his brothers if not more. He believes it’s his fault his mom killed herself. He carries that weight so he acts out. His depression and ADHD cause him to do things he wished he wouldn’t. It’s like he leaves his body whenever he starts feels any type of emotion and drowns it in booze, fighting, and sex. None of this works of course, so he doubles down. All this leads to is more chaos.

Enter Hartley Wright. She has her own demons (her dad) and she’s just trying to graduate and make something of herself. Easton sees her as his next conquest but then realizes she’s different. She doesn’t want to use him for sex, drugs, booze, or status. Quite frankly she wants nothing to do with him. When he realizes the voices in his head are only quiet around her he attempts something he never bothered to do before… befriend a girl. Their friendship starts off choppy but once they start being honest with each other about their pasts it works out. They both develop real feelings for each other, but scandal follows the Royal’s anywhere and everywhere. Jealousy and tempers tear them apart, and an accident may change everything forever.

What are you even reading?!

  • Cracked Kingdom (#5 Royals) Erin Watt
  • Anna K (#1 Anna K) Jenny Lee
  • Getting to Happy (#2 Waiting to Exhale) Terry McMillian
  • Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister Gergory Maguire

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