We have reached the end

Cracked Kingdom (#5 The Royals) -Erin Watts

This is the end of the Royals, but after everything we are ending on a high note. So, this book was very chaotic until the very end. The ramifications of the car accident shake everyone. Seb’s in a coma, Hartley has amnesia, and Easton’s on a bender because of it all. Everyone is screwing with Hartley’s memory because they’re assholes. She doesn’t know what to believe because she can’t trust herself but she knows something is off. When Easton and her finally link up she learns the truth of her past.

Together they hatch a plan to take down her father and save her sister. The dirt they learn is even worse than her father taking bribes and being a general son of a bitch. They tell Callum and Ella that her father (Steve) is trying to get Hartley’s father to throw his murder case. (He also was being charge with attempted murder for trying to kill Ella, which he says was an accident because he was “only trying to scare her”). They all go to the exchange site where everything goes down, not how anyone planned. In the end it works out for the best—while Hartley and Sebastian will never be the same again due to the brain trauma— everyone was happy in the end.

What are you even reading?!

  • Anna K (#1 Anna K) Jenny Lee
  • Getting to Happy (#2 Waiting to Exhale) Terry McMillian
  • Confessions of an ugly stepsister Gregory Maguire
  • Anger is a gift Mark Oshiro

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