Everyone has an inspiration or two.

My inspiration is a complex melting pot.

  • My mother
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Books
  • Library smell

So, two of them are a little strange, but it’s true.

My mother always pushed me to do more, read more, and just dream about endless possibilities.

Stevie Wonder’s music makes my fingers itch to write. His words seize every part of my heart and soul, I know it sounds fake, and envelop them with love. Love is a trigger for me to write, because of reason one.

Books make me want to write because of the distant lands. They take you to normally unimaginable places. They awake something deep inside you that never sleeps ever again.

Lastly the library smell. Some people hate the musty old book smell mixed with the new book smell. But to me it’s each author’s dream. As you walk through the stacks they are calling out to you. They know your name, thoughts, and deepest darkest secrets. They want you even if you think you aren’t good enough. They want to embrace you, and welcome you to the dark side, so to speak. The smell of the library makes me excited as I giddily search for my next conquest. And who doesn’t dream to one day see their name, leather-bound, sitting pretty on a shelf one day?

That is where I pull all my inspiration for my crazed thoughts from.

I hope you enjoy my many delusions, rants, and epiphanies.