Rambling Rants

Time for an early morning rant. It is currently 7:56 AM here in Texas and I am blasting empowering, sort of,  music. It's actually a break-up song but it's one that's not sad at all. No, I'm not going through a break-up but this song just made me think of all the bullshit relationships and … Continue reading Rambling Rants

Just One Day at a Time

Things aren't always black and white Life is filled with shades of grey At least that's what I like to believe I believe that chances should be given But at what cost How many times do I extend my hand Just to have it slapped away To always be the unlucky one You dust yourself … Continue reading Just One Day at a Time

Dating 2017

High enough to remember Not so quite intoxicatingly forgetfulYetHeavy heartFull of loveThat never goes anywhere Shove it back downToss it to the sideRegurgitate the same old sentiments It’s never enough forMeAll I do is acceptSettling for LessNot quite what I deserve No where near what I plannedWhy you gotta hurt me that wayFrustrated with myselfAngry … Continue reading Dating 2017


She knows Hears the whispers But she ignores them She used to rely on her gut Sage wisdom was all She got When did I she become a Stereotype? When did caring become Gullible When did trust turn into  Naïvety What changed? It feel the same The topsy turvy ride We aren't we My life, her life … Continue reading She