Love in the 21st century

Reflected back Hold the picture still Memories more fluent Tales of the past Float to the top Hurt... Anger... Then comes love  When we had it together When nothing mattered  Puddles of sadness  Staining your cotton Thoughts of leaving Paired with bliss Never knowing  What was the right thing to Do... Say... Be present in … Continue reading Love in the 21st century

The Ebb & Flow of Loss

For Virisa Whispering voices Tears flowing Falling softly  Hidden truths Coming closer Silence falls Pauses filled... with what was never said Pity coursing through... the air The sadness is palpable  Anticipating mob mentality  Tell me how I really feel Not so private  Sarcastic thoughts Keep up the façade Emotionless Unstable  Hidden sentiments Lying enough to … Continue reading The Ebb & Flow of Loss


Exposed Lights flashed  Always a nobody Now a household name Sparkling lights Stars never looked so close Anything in seconds No need to wait No lines Always first Always on top A few clicks here A snapshot there Privacy a thing of the past Never alone Scripted words on and off screen  Peace, a thing … Continue reading Fame


Beaten down Broken up Open veins Spilling tears Wishes crumble Dreams fade Forever changed Time elapsed "5 hours later" Nothing is the same The world tilts Life open us Swallows me whole Keeping me Holding me hostage What do I have to offer? Who am I to demand? I am mixed up Twisted around Thrown … Continue reading Misdial

Lonely Girl, Lied to by the Men of the World

The love is palpable The sexual tension… Is exciting This is forbidden Uncharted territory  Whispers in the dark Stolen glances Note passing has me feeling juvenile Rendezvous changing my outlook Have me feeling hopeful That this…This can see the light of day That this… This can withstand the test of time But you have valid reasons  … Continue reading Lonely Girl, Lied to by the Men of the World