I’m not dead yet

Yona of the Dawn volumes 16-24 covers I love this series because you can actually see Yona grow into a mature young woman. She Started off sort of naive and lonely and now she knows so much more about the world and her kingdom, and she has a family she created. She grew out of … Continue reading I’m not dead yet

Pumpkin Spice for All

This was a cute story about two people living up their last day at a job before going off to college. It’s a story about missed opportunities and adventures. Two kids who normally wouldn’t be friends become best friends every fall when they work at the pumpkin patch. They are two very different people. Deja … Continue reading Pumpkin Spice for All

Marriage ain’t easy, Especially when the universe is literally against you

*SPOILERS* Quick recap: Saga is told from the POV of the illegal daughter of two people from different races who fell in love while their worlds were trying to demolish each other. Everyone wants the girl because she’s an “abomination.” Now volumes 4&5 pick up where they left off with Alana and Marko hiding in … Continue reading Marriage ain’t easy, Especially when the universe is literally against you


Someone just needs to ban me from book shopping because clearly when I do it myself it doesn’t work 🤷🏽‍♀️ Eldest is book number two in the Eragon series and Since you Asked is a stand-alone I want to say there was a sale going on but I would be lying 🤥

One is the loneliest number

The Martian by: Andy Weir G: Sci-fi/Space/Thrillers/Adventure/Humor Start:06-09-19 Finish:06-21-19 Goodreads Reading Challenge(2019): 53 out of 75 Reading Shelves: Yearly TBR Challenge/ Personal TBR *QUICK REVIEW NOTE 📝 * I will be adding this new section “Reading Shelves” so you guys can see how I classify my books. I’ll have a different couple of classifications: Yearly … Continue reading One is the loneliest number