We have reached the end

Cracked Kingdom (#5 The Royals) -Erin Watts This is the end of the Royals, but after everything we are ending on a high note. So, this book was very chaotic until the very end. The ramifications of the car accident shake everyone. Seb's in a coma, Hartley has amnesia, and Easton's on a bender because … Continue reading We have reached the end

Middle Child Syndrome

Fallen Heir (#4) -Erin Watt Easton calls himself the fun one, the free one but he is just as burdened as his brothers if not more. He believes it's his fault his mom killed herself. He carries that weight so he acts out. His depression and ADHD cause him to do things he wished he … Continue reading Middle Child Syndrome

This is 30

Waiting to Exhale (#1) -Terry McMillan Four women navigating 30. Back then, and even now, people expect you to have your shit together at 30. Then when you reach it you realize that life has no fucking instruction manual and everyone is in different stages of fucking winging it. Bernie was married to her her … Continue reading This is 30