Death in Many Forms

Scythe by:┬áNeal Shusterman G: Sci-fi, Dystopian, Fantasy Start: 1.May.18 Finish: 14.May.18 Goodreads Reading Challenge: 28 out of 50 When I started this I wasn't really a fan. I stuck with it because it was a book club read and, as I have mentioned several times, I hate giving up on books. It was slow going … Continue reading Death in Many Forms

Conspiracy Theories

Ship of Secrets by:┬áRussell Bernstein G: Sci-fi/Fantasy Start: 1.May.18 Finish:7.May.18 Goodreads Reading Challenge: 25 out of 50 I was asked to read and give an honest review of this book by its author. So, Here is my honest review. The book was set at sea on a battle cruiser which was refitted to house thousands … Continue reading Conspiracy Theories