One is the loneliest number

The Martian by: Andy Weir G: Sci-fi/Space/Thrillers/Adventure/Humor Start:06-09-19 Finish:06-21-19 Goodreads Reading Challenge(2019): 53 out of 75 Reading Shelves: Yearly TBR Challenge/ Personal TBR *QUICK REVIEW NOTE đź“ť * I will be adding this new section “Reading Shelves” so you guys can see how I classify my books. I’ll have a different couple of classifications: Yearly … Continue reading One is the loneliest number

The Girl who Defies All Odds

The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Millennium #3) by: Stieg Larsson G: Nordic Noir Start:18.July.2018 Finish:5.September.2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge: 39 out of 50 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge: Nordic Noir I always loved the Millennium series. I never thought I'd be into Nordic Nordic but three books later here I am. Larsson always crafts a fascinatingly satirical … Continue reading The Girl who Defies All Odds

Dating 2017

High enough to remember Not so quite intoxicatingly forgetfulYetHeavy heartFull of loveThat never goes anywhere Shove it back downToss it to the sideRegurgitate the same old sentiments It’s never enough forMeAll I do is acceptSettling for LessNot quite what I deserve No where near what I plannedWhy you gotta hurt me that wayFrustrated with myselfAngry … Continue reading Dating 2017

Cynically Alone Saga II

I was late But so were you Minutes apart Worlds Never intercepting Chances Cannot be taken Me After You You Always Far ahead Tear stained Everything Milk continuously Spilt Us We aren't Together Separation Heart grows Ending in Cracks Us Nevermore Not ever We aren't 'we' Love within You Won't Claim   1.8.16

Cynically Alone Saga I

Abandoned Alone Emptiness grows Opened Carefree Ruined me Staying Unplanned Never Knowing Truth Feelings Falsifies Reality We can't Never-ending Up Soaring Down Cruising Falling through Time Life Doors Hanging off Windows Melted shut The same Isn't real Goodbye Hello   1.7.16


Seven times Eight tries Nine lives One lie Truths and consequences Despair and loneliness Four attempts No success Closed shutters Open minds Guarded hearts Fresh tears Solo adventures Nothingness sets in One lie changed the course Blew up the future Fired the past Bleached out the present Life never the same 9/3/15