Small Town, Big Hearts

Us Against You (2-2) Backman’s style is unique. I always like reading his writing because the narrator always takes an objective view of the story. For this type of story I think it’s perfect because it leaves the reader to draw their own opinions on the story without feeling the bias from the author. This … Continue reading Small Town, Big Hearts

Just My Imagination 

Picture perfect I close my eyes Count to three I see my life The way I dream The hope I can't explain  The little kernel of belief The one spot fear hasn't taken over I open my eyes and reality strikes In this pitch black I am everything I always wanted You are everything I … Continue reading Just My Imagination 


Forbidden fruit Lustful glances Stolen moments Infinite wishes Happy days Bad dreams Waking up in darkness Reaching out for you You've wandered far Lonely mornings Empty nights Joy dissipated End of the line Time expired Slipping through my fingers Gasping for air Finally it all becomes clear The bare naked truth is... We were never … Continue reading Lolita