Crimson Princess

Yona of the Dawn volumes 25-27 Yona kissed Jak and after all that craziness died down Hak confessed to Yona, which caused her to tailspain. She is all jittery around him because she can't figure out how to tell him she loves him too. They both didn't think that their feelings would be returned. Hak … Continue reading Crimson Princess

The lies we tell ourselves

Eleanor Oliphant is completely Fine by: Gail Honeyman Genre: YA Start: 2, April, 2018 Finish: 16, April, 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge: 16 out of 45 (36%) Spoilers: Medium When I started reading this I was kinda annoyed with Eleanor. She was rude and stuck up. She judged everyone so harshly and refused to interact with others … Continue reading The lies we tell ourselves