A Lovable Curmudgeon

A Man Called Ove by: Fredrik Backman G: Contemporary, Humor Start:13.October.18 Finish:20.October.18 Goodreads Reading Challenge: 54 out of 75 When going into this book I thought "it's going to be a story about a grumpy old man set in his ways." In a way I was right but I was also very wrong. Ove of course … Continue reading A Lovable Curmudgeon


The Time Traveler's Wife by: Audrey Niffengger G:Sci-fi Start:11.July.2018 Finish:26.July.2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge: 38 out of 50 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge: A book about time travel So, this is the book that slumped me. At 500 odd pages it is hardly the longest book I've read, HP is longer, but it was definitely one of the more … Continue reading Timeline


Forbidden fruit Lustful glances Stolen moments Infinite wishes Happy days Bad dreams Waking up in darkness Reaching out for you You've wandered far Lonely mornings Empty nights Joy dissipated End of the line Time expired Slipping through my fingers Gasping for air Finally it all becomes clear The bare naked truth is... We were never … Continue reading Lolita