The Time Traveler's Wife by:¬†Audrey Niffengger G:Sci-fi Start:11.July.2018 Finish:26.July.2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge: 38 out of 50 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge: A book about time travel So, this is the book that slumped me. At 500 odd pages it is hardly the longest book I've read, HP is longer, but it was definitely one of the more … Continue reading Timeline

Dead End/One Way Street

You hung the moon You hung the moon Why do you make me believe that... You hung the moon   You catch me a star Grant me one wish "Give me you," is all I said Literally.   Wishing should come with rules never assume My wish for you was fulfilled Once.   I never … Continue reading Dead End/One Way Street


Seven times Eight tries Nine lives One lie Truths and consequences Despair and loneliness Four attempts No success Closed shutters Open minds Guarded hearts Fresh tears Solo adventures Nothingness sets in One lie changed the course Blew up the future Fired the past Bleached out the present Life never the same 9/3/15


Can I have... You? Every aspect In any place The furthest corners of your mind Can we be... Us? Something unbreakable, unimaginable Something no one can germinate Can this love... Blossom? Soar above all others Be more than either of us expected Melt the ice surrounding my heart Can we never... End? One step out … Continue reading Spectrum