Crimson Princess

Yona of the Dawn volumes 25-27 Yona kissed Hak and after all that craziness died down Hak confessed to Yona, which caused her to tailspain. She is all jittery around him because she can't figure out how to tell him she loves him too. They both didn't think that their feelings would be returned. Hak … Continue reading Crimson Princess

I’m not dead yet

Yona of the Dawn volumes 16-24 covers I love this series because you can actually see Yona grow into a mature young woman. She Started off sort of naive and lonely and now she knows so much more about the world and her kingdom, and she has a family she created. She grew out of … Continue reading I’m not dead yet

Japanese Gods

Kamisama Kiss by: Julietta Suzuki G: Manga, Romance Start: 8.May.18 Finish: 8.May.18 Goodreads Reading Challenge: 26 out of 50 I've been wanting to find more Manga and graphic novels to read, and I came across this one. The premise seemed interesting enough so I got it. It was interesting but I don't think I'll continue the … Continue reading Japanese Gods


Yona of the Dawn Vol. 8 by Mizuho Kusanagi Genre: Manga Read Start: 1/1/18 Read Finish: 1/8/18 What can I say about Yona that I haven't said or thought a million times? I love Yona. Yes, she starts off air headed, slightly spoiled, and had an annoying level of naïevty. But, she grows so much. … Continue reading Yona