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For those of you who look forward to my posts you can now follow me on Instagram @melody_writes Mind you I just created this page so I literally have two pictures, but it will be filled with content soon.

Dating 2017

High enough to remember Not so quite intoxicatingly forgetfulYetHeavy heartFull of loveThat never goes anywhere Shove it back downToss it to the sideRegurgitate the same old sentiments It’s never enough forMeAll I do is acceptSettling for LessNot quite what I deserve No where near what I plannedWhy you gotta hurt me that wayFrustrated with myselfAngry … Continue reading Dating 2017


So, I wanted to try something new. I wrote with a dictionary. Instead of using more common words like 'truth' I looked up the synonyms. It gave me a refreshing poem. It was also pretty cool trying to construct a sentence with a new word. I highly suggest trying it once. This good poem will … Continue reading Writing